My Past Writings

Here are some samples of my writings.  I will add more soon as I upload them to this site.

On spirituality and religion: 

- Spirituality is the Weed of the Masses: A Healing Session with Karl Marx 

- Spirituality: When Our Lives Leak Out of Capitalism's Pipeline 

 - From the Desert, Under Constantine ( a book of poetry )

 - Pilgrimage to the Holy Mundane: themes of Christian Contemplation in the Ecological Poetry of Denise Levertov and Wendell Berry

- Review of Aloysius Pieris' Asian Theology of Liberation

- Decolonizing Interfaith Dialogue: Liberation Theology and Palestine Solidarity

- Ali Shariati and Gustavo Gutierrez - a Study of Comparative Liberation Theology

On popular culture:

-  How To Overthrow the Illuminati ( a critique of conspiracy theories that I co-authored with friends)

Avatar:  A Contradictory Movie for Contradictory Times

On education: 

Reading for Revolution  (suggestions for how to organize your own revolutionary study group)

- Freestyle Learning in the Rhizomatic Cypher (Gilles Deleuze meets hip hop in the public school classroom)

- In the wake of the testing boycott: a 10 point proposal for teacher self-organization 

On social movements and local politics: 

- Longview, Occupy, and Beyond: Rank and File and the 89% Unite (co-written with other members of the Black Orchid Collective)

- The Radicalization of Decolonize/ Occupy Seattle

Kshama Sawant and Capitalism's Shock Absorbers 

- Between the Leninists and the Clowns: Avoiding Recklessness and Professionalism in Revolutionary Struggle

Between the Zeal of the Young and the Patience of the Old - Reflections on Seattle's Recent Struggles Against Police Brutality (Co-Written with other members of Black Orchid Collective)

March Forth Seattle (an analysis of the struggle against budget cuts, layoffs, and tuition increases in spring 2010)

The Debate on Strategy in the Anti-Budget Cuts Movement (a response to the essay Crisis and Consciousness by Advance the Struggle, and criticisms by Socialist Organizer and Labor's Militant Voice)

-What is Christmas for Mike Brown's Family? (An analysis of the post-Ferguson upsurge in Seattle)


You can find my poems on this site under the poetry tag