About me

I am a writer, teacher, lover, and seeker on a path of revolutionary transformation.  Mamos Rotnelli is my pen name. 

I teach humanities, ethics, and spoken word poetry at an alternative school in a multi-racial working class community.  We do a lot of healing from trauma through writing, play, and community building. In my free time I organize to end the school-to-prison pipeline and to undermine white supremacy in the schools. 

I am influenced by comparative liberation theologies, Marxist and queer theories of religion, and Jesus's gospel of illegal love.  More on the tendencies and traditions I remix here

I've been involved in a number of social movements since 2003: anti-war, Palestine solidarity, labor, anti-austerity/ anti-budget cuts, Occupy, anti-police brutality, anti-deportation, and the struggle against youth incarceration. I used to write about these on the Black Orchid Collective blog.

I also used to write about learning and teaching on the Creativity Not Control blog.  My friends and I posted reflections on life in the classroom, learning activities and games, creative writing, community news updates, and strategic thinking about organizing.  Our motto was "learning for life, not labor". 

I studied poetry and religion at Brown, and I have a Masters in Theology from Notre Dame and a Masters in Teaching from Seattle Pacific University. 

I am practicing theater of the oppressed, somatics, dance, music, and spoken word, and I'm down to connect with people who want to play, create, and learn together.