My writer's block is finally thawing

coming out of hibernation
When I relaunched this blog in the summer of 2014, I planned to update it regularly.  I didn't realize that I wasn't quite ready.

The revolts in Ferguson and Baltimore were like fire on the mountain, signaling seismic changes in society and in all of our lives. My participation in the movement for Black lives upended my life and surfaced some contradictions I needed to work though.  I didn't realize there were deeper layers of trauma I needed to heal from so I could show up with the necessary discernment and clarity.  I found I still had a lot to learn about how to love. 

The past year and a half has been a whirlwind, and I've had to focus rigorously on healing after my long-term partner and I broke up.  I've been practicing somatics, meditation, and healing forms of play, plus a lot of prayer.  In this process, I lost my ability to write and speak publicly.  It almost felt like the Holy Spirit was asking me to play, pray, heal, and love quietly on the sidelines for a while, to practice while other folks took the field.  And in the process of that fertile practice I've had thousands of amazing conversations with kindred spirits. 

And now, after a lot of discernment, it seems time to start doing this publicly again.  So I just gave this blog a little spring cleaning, updating the main pages and the template, and adding a Creative Commons license so that work here can contribute to the growing media commons.  I plan to experiment and play with more genres and mediums, in addition to the poetry and prose I've been working with, and I'm about to publish an essay I've been working on for several years.  

In short: it's springtime, and it's time to come out of hibernation.