St. Mary of Perpetual Revolution Pray

for Black Lives Matter  

the congregation sings and chants

instead of working and worrying

our lives away - the communion of saints

stays singin’

hosanna  in the highest.

It’s like a beat looped through their bodies and ours,

from creation to  infinity

but still all  freestyling,  perfectly imperfect

the beat is the left, and we’re it’s right hand

singular variations in the multitude of  liberations

brothers, sisters, living, dead

and those who break  the binaries between ‘em

and still harmonizing - or better yet  arpeggiating

each other into higher chords of mutual inspiration

somewhere in that multitude my ancestors are murmuring

at a parish in the heavens called St. Mary of Perpetual Revolution

as the organ beat drops

and they pass the bread and roses

They  might be  praying rosaries

for  the people in the streets of  Baltimore.