This is a prayer

By my friend Liz Kramer

If I can choose to live in the place inside of me
where I refuse to doubt my own truth,
or the power of who I am
this is a prayer.

And if I can say no to the voice inside of me
that wants me to doubt my own significance
or importance or divinity,
this no is a prayer.

And if I can say yes to the part of me
that knows I am gifted in love,
filled with intention, wrought
in the places where the trees were,
truth seeker
This yes is a prayer.

And if I can know that being human is a thirst
that cries to know God,
and if I can hold the suffering of the people
and feel love,
these are prayers.

And my anger is a prayer that speaks against arrogance.
And my love is a prayer that speaks against greed and deceit.
And my patience is a prayer that speaks for the way
we are eternal and already perfect.

Friendship is a prayer for the many faces of love
and listening is a prayer for the saint inside of you.
Silence is a prayer that makes room for the voice of God
and silence is a prayer for the voiceless.

If I can discern my battles and choose wisely,
I am praying for dignity.
If I can keep secrets
I pray for all of the treasures that still remain safe
in hidden places.

If I speak my truth against the forces that dehumanize us,
this is a prayer for the living.

Humility is a prayer for understanding.
Rage is a prayer for the hearts of the dead.
Vision is a prayer for the mouths and eyes and hands of the future
and song is a prayer that opens them.

Honesty is a prayer for respect and when
I have the courage to speak truth
I am making a prayer for freedom.

Restraint is a prayer that everything that is still untouched
be left in its place
as gratitude is a prayer that catches and transforms
the fear of generations.

And energy is a prayer against complacency,
as rest is a prayer for time beyond work
and sleep is a prayer for the journey our spirits take
and dying is a prayer for life.

Our spirits pray so that our bodies forget
their alienation
and alienation is a prayer to know eternity.

Water is a prayer that moves against borders
and food is the prayer of returning.

The plant that grows towards the light,
even in the darkness below the earth,
is a prayer for the power of courage

and the warmth that reaches it
down below
is a prayer for the things to come.