Crowded spirituality

Someone once asked me whether I ever really find spiritual connection in crowds during protests, implying that protesting is a distraction from my spiritual growth.

I don't know what officially counts as spirituality; the definition of spirituality is as slippery as the phenomena it attempts to define.   

But I do know that non-scripted, unpredictable crowds are moments of life generating life.  For example, participants incarnate love, caring for each other in the face of police violence.

It doesn't always look like the popular stereotypes of calm, detached meditation.  But meditation can also be the mindful proliferation of multiple currents of life, free from rigid conceptions of self.  Sometimes that's calm, and sometimes it's explosive.

In our current moment in history, protests might be some of the best places to experience/create a range of mindfulness. In some eras, the woods or the desert might be the most fertile places for the imagination and spirit to grow.  Right now I think it might be moments and places like this: 

Image rom this site.  I don't know anything about the politics of the artists, but the image resonated with me.