The Body of Christ at the picket lines

In Ethiopia, he said, there are monks who pray
in the jungle, somewhere,
not for themselves but for everyone

but you are not monks
so why have you come to support our labor struggle
when it doesn't directly benefit you?

When I replied, someone ended my sentence with a phrase
That I can only understand as a prayer:
An injury to one is an injury to all

He added that his mother was single
Boeing laid her off right before Christmas
From then on he couldn't believe in a system that rewards such evil

Are these conversations theology?
Some would say we are Reds, preaching atheism
Creating a monstrous new religion that ends in a Stalinist apocalypse

But I see the Body of Christ clandestinely recomposing itself
in basic human decency

At the picket line tonight it felt like a Church basement on a good Sunday,
Passing around cups of coffee
Good conversation about ultimate matters
Jeers at the devil
And signs of peace