Confronting the Politics of Torture

So I haven't updated in a while.  Our Middle East solidarity campaign is in full swing and I have major responsibilities in terms of organizing.   But I'll try to post now and then anything from our campaign that's relevant to the themes and subject matter of this blog. 

On that note, here's the transcript of a talk I gave back in January called Confronting the Politics of Torture.  It was part of an interfaith panel called "After Guantanamo" hosted by the Muslim Students of the School of Social Work.  It explains the political reasons for why the US engages in torture, and how this relates to deep-rooted structures of white supremacy and patriarchy. 

Since I gave this talk, Obama issued an executive order to close Guantanamo and end the CIA "Black site" torture cambers.  However, he did not stop the policy of outsourcing torture to US allies by sending prisoners to other countries for interrogation.  He also did not close the prison at Bagram Air Force Base in Afghanistan, which could become Guantanamo II.  It reminds me of when they closed the School of the Americas and opened it again the next day under a different name. 

Since I gave this talk, more and more evidence of Israeli atrocities during the Jan siege on Gaza has also been revealed.  Which is why we have to keep on organizing against Israeli apartheid and US Empire.