Palestinian Pieta

I've been meaning to blog about the brutal, racist Israeli massacres in Gaza but I've been too busy organizing against them. The local protests have been inspiring moments of interfaith solidarity. More on this shortly.

In the meantime, I'm posting this image from Dubito Ergo Cogito, a Palestinian Pieta. I'll meditate on this during this week's actions.
The Palestinians are what liberation theologians call a Crucified People - a people suffering under organized systems of sin, a people who cry out to God for justice . In this case those systems of sin are U.S. Empire, white supremacy, and Zionism.
It wasn't the Jews who crucified Jesus, it was Roman imperialism, but the U.S. is imitating Roman imperialism today in its global domination, and Israel is the frontline of American Empire in the Middle East. Our leaders, whether Jewish, Christian, or Muslim, are to blame for the ongoing crucifixion of Palestine because they are all acting like Pontious Pilates (or at least like cowardly, collaborationist Herods).
But the Palestinian people, like Jesus, rise again and again, affirming life against all obstacles.

Free, Free Palestine!

Long Live Palestine!